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Our recreational activities aim to nurture the inventive process and imagination, to develop musical taste, to value art, to appreciate our culture, to promote child’s motor development and offer experiences that will give new meaning to the collective practice. All activities are led by a team of qualified and experienced entertainers.

Recreation I: suitable for children up to 5 years old, Recreation I presents a more playful proposal, lasts 4 hours and includes twelve activities.

Recreation II: suitable for children over 5 years old, Recreation II presents a more dynamic proposal (with a focus on team-building games), lasts 4 hours and includes twelve activities.

Art Craft Workshops

The art craft workshops awaken the ability to create and contribute to the development of manual skills. With a playful approach, they extend the knowledge and sensitivity, and stimulate creativity, autonomy, self-confidence, self-esteem, taste and respect for the creating process.

All our workshops have the monitoring of experienced instructors who guide and assist in the production of each piece and help children explore their own creativity. We provide colored handmade aprons (kids take them home) and hand hygiene disposables during activities. All materials used are nontoxic.

The pieces produced are wrapped in cellophane bag with personalized custom tag and satin ribbon. What a such great idea for a party favor!

Other Entertainments

If you want to offer a playful activity or a fun attraction for children at a party or event, check the options that can be hired separately.

Fashion Dressing-room: colored hair sprays, colored rubber bands, satin ribbons, special ornaments, rings, bracelets, social makeup, kids nail polish and temporary tattoos. The products used are nontoxic and hypoallergenic.

Face Painting: art paintings with high quality hypoallergenic products (with certification of ANVISA, FDA and INMETRO).
*For children under 3 years old, we recommend the painting on the arm or leg.

Baby’s Corner: dedicated to children up to 3 years old, it includes gym mat, inflatable ball pool, cloth books, puzzles, educational wooden toys and others (Fischer Price, Tiny Love, Gulliver and Estrela) crayons and modeling dough with shapes, a wooden table (70x70cm) and 4 chairs.

Uniformed staff.

We take speaker and children's songs.

First Aid box for kids’ safety.